It was not a one-time thing - Touch and ABOVE are breaking content cycles helping airlines deliver unique passenger experiences.

LATAM, in partnership with HBO Max, made the first episode of the prequel to Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon available to passengers just 48 hours after its worldwide premiere. Passengers were received in the lounge and plane with greetings in the Valyrian language and received gifts including a pin from the hand of the kind, a chocolate dragon egg, and a luggage tag.

The activation allowed LATAM to connect with its customers, aligning with its latest brand campaign, “LATAM without Borders,” and HBO Max to promote its highly anticipated Game of Thrones prequel in a unique way.

Touch did it again. Its innovative smart tools, a team of trend-savvy content geeks, and subscription-based media content solution allowed LATAM to launch another unique, engaging, and brand-aligned in-flight media experience for its passengers.