Meet Conetic, the new innovative group on a mission to make the traveler’s journey experience more memorable.

Conetic brings together Touch, ABOVE, and Oxygen to deliver a holistic and integrated vision for the passenger journey.


Conetic today announced its incorporation, as a holding that consolidates its participation in Touch Inflight Solutions Inc., Above Aero Media ServicesLLC, and Oxygen Premium Services LLC under one portfolio.


Approximately 80% of the time spent during a traveler’s journey is indwell time at the airport – in lounges, eating, boarding – and inflight, making these the longest engagement touchpoints. Over the next decade, Conetic plans to seize this journey, making it more memorable through a holistic and unified passenger experience offer, with services and products that are fully integrated across the passenger journey. In the short term, Conetic will drive disruptive innovation to the Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity market and reimagine the role the airport lounge plays in our connected world.


“Conetic” is the fusion of the words “kinetic” and “connect” representing dynamism and innovation in the transportation industry, the connection between people, and the synergy between the portfolio companies.


“The brands under the group share a synergy of core values – Care and Service, Trust, Agility, and Knowledge - that have been key to the success of Touch and ABOVE and that underpin Conetic’s approach to its relationships and commitment to its customers, partners, suppliers and staff alike” says Joe Carreira, Conetic’s CEO. “We recognize the long term benefits and stable growth that result from such a commitment to all the players in the ecosystem”


Conetic will promote increased connection across 40+ combined customers, promote management efficiency, create brand equity, andenable faster business growth.